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Sounds Fast Is In The Top 100 Again
Jun 08, 2012
We have done it again. One of our installation techs is nominated as one of the top 100 installers in the nation. Congratulations to Todd Dement for being recognized by our manufactures and manufacture reps as one of the top 100 installers in the U.S. Todd has been with us since 2007 and brings a wealth of knowlege to our install bays. Todd is very detail oriented. This is Todd's second time in two years of being nominated.

Sounds Fast has been nominated again
May 05, 2011
Sounds Fast has been nominated by our reps and manufactures as one of the top 50 mobile electronics retailers in the United States. We also have two of our installation techs that were nominated in top 100 instalers in the U.S.


At Sounds Fast we specialize in integrating people's lifestyles into their vehicles.

Here at Sounds Fast we offer "More Than Just Music" for your vehicle. Today's modern technology allows us to make your daily commute more enjoyable as well as more efficient. Not only do we specialize in enhancing your audio system with speaker, amplifier and subwoofer upgrades, we can bring your lifestyle into your vehicle by integrating your portable device such as iPod's and Mp3 players, Bluetooth devices, Pandora capable units and portable Internet devices.

Comfort and safety are very important to today's vehicle owners. Here at Sounds Fast we recognize this by offering the latest in navigation systems, back-up avoidance systems, GPS tracking, remote start and security, radar detection systems, leather seating and massaging and heated seat systems. A safe driver is a comfortable driver and a comfortable driver is a safe driver.

Your vehicle is packed with some of the most advanced technology available today. Integrating aftermarket options into your vehicle can require specific parts and tools. Our installation techs are constantly being trained by our manufactures on the proper ways to use these parts and tools, assuring that your installation will be performed right. We specialize in all makes and models of vehicles. So whether you are looking for a custom installed radar detection system for your high end exotic or you are simply looking to have your iPod play through your Honda Civic radio, Sounds Fast can integrate your lifestyle into your vehicle with seamless perfection.


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